Beautiful Brisbane for ALIA Access


Well, it’s finally the week of #ALIAAccess in Brisbane.  The weather has started off perfectly – blue skies, warm weather and the river views to enjoy.

There are lots of other meetings, workshops and gatherings being held all over the city this week in conjunction with the conference.   The ALIA Board met today and there is the annual ALIA meeting of Library Technician Educators on Tuesday.    So you might see the ALIA staff, Board and Conference Committee going off in many directions during the week to meet all of our meeting and event commitments.  Trying to be two places at once is not quite in our job descriptions yet…. and some days during conferences we wish we could clone ourselves.  Catch us when you can, or see us at the ALIA Stand.

There will be lots of surprises at the conference, so for delegates, you will have to discover them along the way.  For Newbie Techies like me, there will again be something new to learn and to try out during the week.   And speaking of technology, we look forward to welcoming lots of ALIA members to our webstreaming experience for the conference too.

There’s going to be some very creative satchel options that people have brought along, one of the small ways we are being abit more sustainable with this conference.  Lots of photos of these will end up on the #ALIAAccess twitter stream and on the blog during the week I am sure.

Enjoy conference week, wherever you are.

Sue Hutley,  ALIA Executive Director

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