Exhibitor Profile: Digital Education Services


Please say hi to Therese Harrington from Digital Education Services, who kindly answered our questions!

1. Can you please give us a taste or teaser of what you will be displaying / presenting at the conference exhibition? Do you have any new products or services you will be launching at the conference?
In addition to the multimedia and shelf ready solutions we are known for, we will be demonstrating new online literacy and interactive internet safety resources.  This is in addition to our exclusive arrangement with Video Education Australia for reduced library pricing. The titles support our extensive range of specialist DVD titles including parenting, well-being and travel. 

We are also enjoying the latest AV and print material for emerging and reluctant readers. The innovative titles use simple text and graphics supported by contemporary, age-appropriate themes to interest teenage readers who have a lower reading age.  Great comics and graphic novels enhance the opportunities for reader engagement.

2. In your field of work, what is inspiring, exciting or challenging you at the moment?
The application of changing technology makes every day exciting.  Having the opportunity to connect daily with the teachers and librarians working with us and at each worksite is inspiring. It is their input that continues to influence title selections and DES service options.

 3. If you will be visiting Brisbane for the first time, what are you looking forward to the most? If you are a local or know Brisbane well, please share your favourite thing to do or place to visit in Brisbane.
Visiting to observe and be part of the vibrant growth and change in Brisbane is always exciting and looking forward to taking some time to enjoy the colour and light that are so much a part Queensland. Not to mention the weather…..

4. What is the best experience you have ever had at a library conference?
Working with, and listening to, our information management experts and it is always great when we ‘meet the voices’ from so many phone conversations!

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