Speaker Profile: Meryn Scott


The latest speaker profile comes from Meryn Scott, who is  Subject Team Leader (Agribusiness) with CSIRO Information Management & Technology (IM&T).

1. Can you please give us a taste of what you will be speaking about at the conference?
I’ll be speaking on the ways in which CSIRO provides a dynamic and responsive library service to our scientific staff  regardless of where they are located.  The library offers a variety of training opportunities through our dynamic videoconferencing technologies and relevant, current and rapid desktop services from a variety of key electronic sources.

2. In your field of work, what is inspiring, exciting or challenging you at the moment?
Working in CSIRO is inspiring  when we are involved with scientists who are committed, excited by their work and producing cutting edge science to benefit Australia.  The research focus is varied in CSIRO and the library community can receive queries on anything from the public opinion on climate change to the number of grain fed versus grass fed cattle currently being produced in Australia.

3. If you will be visiting Brisbane for the first time, what are you looking forward to the most? If you are a local or know Brisbane well, please share your favourite thing to do or place to visit in Brisbane. 
I’m based in Brisbane and I’m very excited to see the opportunities that visitors will have to see all parts of Brisbane and the amazing range of opportunities the city has to offer.  The weather in September is usually sunny and warm and should provide a very hospitable environment for everyone.  South Brisbane has a great number and variety of restaurants, go to West End Gardens for cheap and cheerful Vietnamese food or to Piaf at Southbank for excellent modern Australian cuisine.

4. What is the best experience you have ever had at a library conference?
I was lucky enough to attend Online in 2009 and it was a great opportunity to listen to a wide variety of speakers and realize the variety and depth of the activities libraries are involved in – data management, repositories, innovative intranets and social networking with Second Life.  It just emphasized for me how dynamic and accommodating library staff are to change and adopt, and indeed embrace, new technologies.

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