Exhibitor Profile: Raeco


Raeco will be exhibiting at the conference. Thanks to Kellie Griffith, Marketing Manager for answering our questions.


1. Can you please give us a taste or teaser of what you will be displaying / presenting at the conference exhibition? Do you have any new products or services you will be launching at the conference?
New range of soft seating

 2. In your field of work, what is inspiring, exciting or challenging you at the moment?
The continued evolution of the library industry. Our business is totally connected to industry developments which inspire our people to create better solutions to fit with the future of libraries. This is both challenging and rewarding as we witness our successes in building better, more functional and aesthetically dynamic library spaces throughout Australia and beyond.

 3. If you will be visiting Brisbane for the first time, what are you looking forward to the most? If you are a local or know Brisbane well, please share your favourite thing to do or place to visit in Brisbane.
First thought is the warmer weather being a resident of Melbourne. I find Brisbane a dynamic city and of specific interest are the leading edge library practices which are quite often a product of the collaboration within the Brisbane and surrounds library professional networks.

 4. What is the best experience you have ever had at a library conference?
Empirically we have found that the configuration of delegate eating and social areas set close to or with the trade exhibits fosters higher delegate to trade engagement. Although there was an event that once had great cocktails………………….

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