Speaker Profile: Paul Drake


Paul Drake, User Services & Document Delivery Librarian, University of Guam will be in Brisbane for ALIA Access. Welcome to the conference blog Paul!

1. Can you please give us a taste of what you will be speaking about at the conference?
I hope to broaden the perceptions as to which organizations should participate in an information network. Why shouldn’t certain types of institutions be invited to the table? The case study involves interlibrary loan services, but the paper will demonstrate our need to think broader than the obvious institutions, to be more inclusive, in our partnerships and networks.

2. In your field of work, what is inspiring, exciting or challenging you at the moment?
Currently I am inspired and challenged to find appropriate technology to support the education and community mission of the Library and the University of Guam in a geographically isolated.

3. If you will be visiting Brisbane for the first time, what are you looking forward to the most? If you are a local or know Brisbane well, please share your favourite thing to do or place to visit in Brisbane.
I was in Brisbane for the 1988 Bicentennial Exposition, so it will be almost as my first time. I have a vague memory of the Botanic Garden and would like to revisit.

4. What is the best experience you have ever had at a library conference?
Nothing specific comes to mind, but I always appreciate meeting former colleagues whom I haven’t seen in years. My biggest thrill was being asked to be the keynote speaker at the 2007 Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Services conference.

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