Exhibitor Profile: LexisNexis


Julia White from LexisNexis stopped by the ALIA Access conference blog to answer our questions. Thanks Julia!


1.  Can you please give us a taste or teaser of what you will be displaying / presenting at the conference exhibition? Do you have any new products or services you will be launching at the conference?
We’re very excited to be unveiling Nexis, our new online news and business information database. Nexis’ comprehensive coverage includes premium Australian and international news, financial and market reports, company and trade information, biographical data, legal news, newswires and blogs and is continuously growing. Users can quickly and simply search and refine quality information to monitor news related to their company or project, market trends and to stay abreast of latest competitor and client developments.

2.     In your field of work, what is inspiring, exciting or challenging you at the moment?
Working on developing new products and enhancements that use latest technology to continuously improve what we offer. LexisNexis is also undergoing a culture change. The team is much more vibrant and motivated now. Our CEO TJ Viljoen has shifted the company to become more customer-centric. It has changed the way we view our business and interact with our customers.

3.     If you will be visiting Brisbane for the first time, what are you looking forward to the most? If you are a local or know Brisbane well, please share your favourite thing to do or place to visit in Brisbane.
Last time I was in Brisbane I really enjoyed the cocktails at Cru Bar & Cellar in Fortitude Valley (highly recommend the lioness). For the guys, you can’t go past the buffalo wings and ribs at Blue Smoke in New Farm (make sure to book this place is tiny). There are so many gems to try in Brisbane.

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